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Note: This community was originally on LiveJournal. You can find old entries and conversations archived there, but we'd like to keep active discussion on DW in the future.

So, without further ado:

We want to talk about delicious. A lot. All the time. Mainly, we want to talk about how delicious can enhance the fannish experience; turns out, that conversation takes a lot of weird detours. Things we have been talking about to each other in our own journals for a while now include:

  • Organizational systems (what we tag, why, how, how we organize/prefix/punctuate those tags)
  • How to make delicious and LJ/DW play nicely (auto-posting by tag, features of our ideal FF extension)
  • How to use delicious to find good stuff (does this actually WORK? what would have to happen to make it work better)
  • Ways to use delicious to create fandom resources (as an archive? as a reccing service? as a funnel to newsletters?)
  • Features our Pipe Dream Delicious Will Have (let us bundle bundles! let us tag tags! Other things less cracked-out)
  • Things We Can Write To Make Delicious Better (link validation, mass uploader script, RSS feed of awesome freshness)

This community is open, but we are actively recruiting! If you got an invite (through LJ, DW, or delicious itself), it's likely for one of the following reasons:

  • We happened upon your delicious account and thought it looked interesting/well-organized/completely obsessive
  • We were stalking the comments of some del-related post and you said something insane like, "yeah, every night before I go to bed, I un-bundle all my tags and re-bundle them from scratch so I am sure I haven't missed anything."

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on delicious, or who WANTS to spend a lot of time on, this community is for you! It could be fun, or we could all just drive each other increasingly deliciously mad. (Ahem.)

Also, note that while we do have control over some of this stuff (we can write scripts and obviously we can change our own organizational systems, that sort of thing), we're not trying to Make Any Decisions or Speak For The Community or anything. We're not doing Serious Academic Research or writing any papers. We just think it's interesting, and we want to talk about it. All the time. You can tell because I've already said that once. Therefore, it must be true!

1. Your post must be somehow related to
2. ...that's really it. The mods reserve the right to delete irrelevant posts.

There is an take our introductory poll on livejournal that you can take, for funsies.

Interests (41):

archives, being fannishly delicious, being freakishly well-organized, bookmarks, bundling the bundles, cataloging, data modeling,, glue,, discussing organization disorganizedly, fannish infrastructure, firefox, firefox addons, flat organizational schemes, folksonomy, forcing the alpha sort, fuck terminological control, having all the information, hierarchical organizational schemes, information architecture, json, library science, livejournal, meta noise, metadata, ocd, retagging everything again, rss, schemes in general, scripting, social bookmarking, tag bundles, tag clouds, tagging, tagging the tags, tagrolls, taxonomy, the delicious api, the semantic web utopia, xml
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